South Florida Music

the challenge

South Florida Music uses the internationally renowned Musikgarten curriculum, specially designed to provide age appropriate musical and developmental activities. Also, all teachers are individually certified and have trained under master teachers in the field of early childhood music education.

South Florida Music contacted me to develop a website that allowed for online enrollment with a payment integration. They also wanted me to use a platform that allowed them to maintain independence when it came to maintenance and updating content. All site forms needed to be linked to ActiveCampaign and email automations needed to be setup for each program.

The biggest part of the work consisted in setting up the classes, which had variations taking into account different teachers, levels, locations and times. Also, we only had a few weeks for the site to be finished, since it need to be ready for the upcoming Fall registration.

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The Solution

I developed a website using WordPress to allow them the independence they needed for content editing. WordPress was a great solution for them as they were starting to engage in content marketing and developing topics to launch the website's blog. To create class enrollment products, I used WooCommerce with a PayPal integration. Website went live according to schedule.

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